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Al Jazeera continues to call for the immediate release of its journalist Mahmoud Hussein

Mahmoud Hussein, Al Jazeera Arabic Channel’s journalist detained in Egypt, has been imprisoned for 500 days in detention without trial or official charges. Despite international calls by rights groups and international institutions for his release, including the United Nations, he remains incarcerated. His detention has been unjustly continuously renewed since his arrest in December 2016 upon arrival in Cairo on holiday.

Al Jazeera Media Network renews its condemnation of Mahmoud’s arrest and reiterates its demand for his immediate release. Al Jazeera calls on all international human rights groups and media freedom organizations to continue in their support of Mahmoud’s release. The Network also calls on all those concerned with media freedom to take an active part in denouncing his continued detention and to put pressure on the Egyptian authorities to release Mahmoud Hussein and end his arduous ordeal.

Al Jazeera’s journalists and correspondents have been a target of the Egyptian authorities since 2013, and as a result, many have been sentenced to imprisonment and the death penalty in absentia.

Al Jazeera reaffirms its continued support for all its journalists and employees. The Network also stresses its commitment and adherence to its mission and Code of Ethics to report developments in Egypt objectively and professionally.

Coinciding with this year’s World Press Freedom Day, which takes place amidst dozens dead and wounded including journalists and photographers in the Afghan capital Kabul, Al Jazeera calls for an international charter guaranteeing the protection, safety and security of journalists in wars and conflict zones. Al Jazeera also condemns the intimidation and arrest of journalists.

Al Jazeera’s international campaign ‘#DemandPressFreedom’ was recently presented  with “Gold” at the 2018 New York International Television & Film Awards. The campaign has received wide attention and high social media engagement from across the globe.

Al Jazeera stresses that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are fundamental to democratic values and must be maintained globally.